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I am influenced by Jackson Pollock, and I define my style as a mix of post-modernism with a pop art style. Although my early education instilled the theoretical models of fine art, I would define myself as self-taught with an intuitive understanding of the abstract technique, especially in mixed media arts. I use a lot of dripping in my work, creating splatters that fill the images, informed with iconic faces, nice fonts, and glowing colors. My artwork must always define happiness, brightness, and all the possible means to express the way I see life.

I try to show the nicest possible side of both the iconic and the 'normal' people that I paint. My lifestyle helps me to see the happiness and the good in everything that is around me!

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Have you imagine a portrait about your family, your best half you and your dog or just a portrait of your self?

Well You can choose the best size that fit in your wall.

Please take a look of some happy costumers. 

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A cast of characters, running from Frida Kahlo to Steve Jobs, populates FONSEK’s paintings, but his works are far more than portraits. Drawing from Postmodern and Pop Art, FONSEK focuses on iconographic people who have left positive examples to humanity. Trained as a graphic artist, FONSEK employs commercial design's clarity to strong effect and then combines it with an adventurous painting style, creating images that have both the direct appeal of poster art and the boundary-breaking freedom of Abstract Expressionism.

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You can have your own portrait, you can choose the size and type. Can be about yourself, with your best half, your dog, the complete family. 

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